Redback Boots USBBK with steel caps

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USBBK Black Redback Boots with steel caps

The world's most comfortable and durable leather boots.
Hand-made in Australia to withstand the extreme conditions of their Outback. Firefighters, Police, Paramedics, Mechanics, Smelter and Steel makers, and Defense Force personnel depend on these hand made, high quality specialist leather work boots. Now available for General Purpose Industrial, Hike and Casual Footwear.


Redbacks are almost indestructible and very comfortable after they've been worn in. I have worn them riding, in the cabinet making shop, on the farm and camping. These is one problem with these boots though – they last too long! We wore them every day by hard work on the farm and they lasted an incredibly long time. If you use the leather care, then you won't get cold feet and it protects the leather.


The TPU sole is fuel & lubricant resistant Urethane Air cellular midsole improves shock absorption. Redbacks unique. The TPU is also cold-resistant.


Colour: Black


Size: 2-14 (EU 34,5 - 48,5)


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Größe Austr. 2 = 34 1/2 Euro.


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